Tanya Burr has established herself as one of the UK's most popular beauty gurus, and has her own line of lipgloss and nail polish.


Before becoming a full-time YouTuber and online personality, Tanya worked as a cosmetic sales assistant in her hometown of Norwich. Whilst working in Jarrods department store, Tanya was told she had to either give up her job or YouTube; she chose to give up her job. Tanya also completed a short make up course ran by Pixiwoo's, Sam and Nic Chapman.

Tanya is engaged to be married to Jim Chapman, brother of the Pixiwoo sisters.


Tanya is represented by Gleam Futures.




  • La Roche-Posay - Tanya has featured in both online video campagins for their Effaclar Duo and Duo +.


Claims have been made on various websites (source) that Tanya's makeup practice is unhygenic, as she used her own personal makeup and tools as her 'kit' for the makeover videos she filmed for the DailyMix YouTube channel.

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